music composer

An experienced screen composer with nearly one hundred (100) screen and radio credits, my experience covers a range of genres, together with a strong forte for creating melodic and emotive themes. Although I am classically trained, I love to work to the brief in writing something musically very special, which compliments each project.

Some of my credits include numerous Warner Brother movie trailers (Bridges of Madison County, Heat, The Specialist, Natural Born Killers), plus the official Team Welcome Song for the 2000 Olympic Games, featuring 200 children’s choirs from all over Australia. Numerous television and radio commercials (Lucozade and Le Specs amongst others), radio promos, soundtracks for documentaries such as Fountain of Youth and ‘Best Classical Music’ award, from Australia in the 1990s. Earlier in my career, I played piano and keyboards both as a soloist and as part of a contemporary duo at many five star hotels, whilst augmenting more of an edge for the pub circuit in a five piece band regularly, which was a great platform to showcase many original tunes. My latest work is a thematic instrumental album, produced in 2016 entitled ‘Twin Flames Kiss’, which is available to preview.

I reside in England, near London, and am available for large and small projects within the film and advertising industries as a screen composer/arranger.

Composition, Arrangement and Performance by Claire Buchholz

Letters To Heaven (2017)

The Day You Went To Heaven (2017)

Colour Of Winter (2016)

Mighty Hood (2016)

A Prayer For Peace (2016)

"The cause of war and terrorism is not religion. It is rather the consequence of many hearts absent of Empathy and Love…"

...from the forthcoming album "Letters To Heaven"

Twin Flames Kiss (2016)

Rising From The Ashes (2016)